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Capture One Pro 12 Review

Hi all! Today I want to make a quick review of Capture One Pro 12, professional photo editing software from Phase One. In last years this software is increasing it's popularity and today I believe that most of professional photographers use it regularly in their work, mostly for a couple of reasons; the tethered capture it's the actual state of the art and pro photographers, especially in the fashion business really needs that. Beyond that, the software's raw demosaicing algorithm it's very effective and let the user have better final images than Lightroom's one. This is even more important for Sony and Fuji's users (Capture One has special bundles for these users).

Once installed the software and imported the pics, we can see this screen:

Let's now analyze my experience with this software:


  • Installation: the software it's easy and quick to install and also the photo importing speed and preview creation it's very good (I think the quickest of the competitor I tried that are Lightroom, Luminar 3 and Photolab)

  • Demosaicing: the acclaimed RAW demosaicing algorithm works smoothly. You can definitely spot a difference between the same RAW file opened with this program and with Lightroom

  • Retouching tools: completes and powerfuls even though they can be somehow tricky and hard to use

  • Layers: you can work in layers as in Photoshop, very handy

  • Luminosity Mask: luminosity masks are integrated and they works smoothly, letting the user make an advanced retouch easily

  • Tethered caption: the state of the art of the industry, fast and reliable.


  • User interface: tricky and kinda difficult, it's not very user friendly like the competitors and I admit to having had some problems. The other side of the medal is that you can fully customize it, you just have to invest some time into it.

  • DAM: there is a digital asset manager but in my opinion it's not functional as Lightroom's one. You can evaluate your photos, tag them with color labels or keywords.

  • Clone stamp: I tried it very quickly but it didn't impress me for the interface and also the results weren't the best.


Capture One Pro is a fast, light and very professional looking RAW developer. It's somehow tricky to learn and could often make users uncomfortable, but in exchange for this, if you have patience, you can definitely get professional results and an image quality better than Lightroom.

Personally, not needing the tethered capture, I'll keep it installed in my PC but I won't include it in my workflow for the moment.

I highly suggest it to Sony and Fuji's users to have the best quality from their files, for users interested in tethered capture or simply for users looking for the best quality from their files.

That's all for now, I hope you liked this article and, if you want, you can offer me a beer! Cheers!

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